District Wide Alert


Please take a moment to fill out the Durham Unified School District Parent survey.  The survey is brief and will only take a couple of minutes of your time. It will provide us with answers to core questions that let us know about your son or daughter’s experience in our schools.  The responses will help us to improve our services to the students and parents of the Durham community.

Thank you very much!

Lloyd Webb  

A Message from the Superintendent 12/3/18Top of Page


School resumed today, and we welcomed Ponderosa students and parents to Durham Elementary.

Here are a couple of details that remain the same as previously stated

  • DES’ schedule and calendar will remain unchanged for the remainder of this year.

  • DES’ recess, breakfast/lunch times will remain unchanged.

  • The starting and ending times for Ponderosa students and staff will be approximately 30 minutes later than for DES. This will avoid morning and afternoon crowding, as the kids come and go.

  • Subsequently, recess and breakfast/lunch service times for Ponderosa will also be different than DES.  We have available increased socio-emotional support staff for Durham students who are struggling emotionally with the Camp Fire and related events.  Our entire staff received training yesterday on how to recognize and support students who are struggling. I strongly encourage any parent, who feels that their son or daughter is struggling, to immediately let the Principal of the pertinent school know so support can begin immediately.

Note:  As stated prior, current Durham students remain enrolled here and no process or paperwork is required for their enrollment to remain in effect.  

Take care,

Lloyd Webb