Using Information Effectively

The goal of the DIS library program is to ensure that students develop the ability to find and use information and to become lifelong learners and effective users of ideas and information. The library provides access to an information-rich collection of print, technologies, and research information, so that all DIS students have the opportunity to acquire:

  • Reading Literacy: to perform as an avid and capable reader
  • Technology Literacy: to be a skilled user of technology tools; to use technology to enhance learning.
  • Information Literacy: to be an organized investigator, a critical and creative thinker, an effective communicator, and a responsible information user.

Scholastic GO!

DES & DIS has subscribed to Scholastic GO!, the most comprehensive source of nonfiction content, up-to-date information, and homework help.  This program enables children to have a differentiated learning and/or research experience by having the choice of logging in to one of four domains that best pertains to their need or grade level. 
Your child can access Scholastic GO! anywhere there is an Internet connection, including your home!  This interactive resource is the ultimate homework helper and it will help students with research projects and reports and extend the learning beyond school hours.
Just click on the Scholastic GO! icon to begin your search!

Library Information

Library Hours 
Each school day the library is open from 8:40am - 10:40pm and from 11:00am - 1:00pm. Students are welcome in the library at break, and during lunchtime, in addition to times when their teachers deem it appropriate.

Books Policy
Students may have out four books at a time, and almost all of the books may be checked out for three weeks.

Computer Lab
Our computer lab is housed in the library and is available to students for school-related use. 

Donations of books appropriate for middle schoolers are always welcome. If you have no-longer-needed copies of books suitable for middle school students, please consider donating them to circulate among our readers.

Library Staff

Betsy Leverenz, Library Tech 
Kristen Cargile, Library Tech
(530) 895-4684, x245
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