Parents, Teachers, Students

PTS stands for Parents, Teachers, Students. Although they are three individual entities, they certainly are tied together. PTS recognizes the importance of all three components: they cannot effectively function apart from each other. All three must cooperate to promote students' academic and personal success.

It is our duty to work hard to find ways for all students to thrive and to be valued as individuals. We believe that it is our responsibility to find and utilize resources within the school, the district, and the community to help achieve our goals. The students' view are very important to us; therefore, we listen to their requests and work together to make our school as good as it can be.

This organization needs the cooperation of many people to be successful. We hope that more people will join PTS and help our students understand that we care about their futures. We can make a difference.


First Wednesday of the month
DIS Library

Everyone welcome!


PTS President: Kim Thorpe
Vice President Shawna Jones 
Secretary  Deanna Holman 
Parent Rep  Priscilla Slightom 

Join PTS

We encourage all Durham Intermediate School parents and teachers to join the PTS.
PTS membership dues are $10 per family, annually.  Half of your membership dues ($5.00) will support the maintenance of the Connect-ED system for DUSD.  The Connect-ED system will be used to alert all parents, by phone and/or email, in case of emergency or for special events.  The remaining $5.00 supports the operation of the PTS organization.
Make checks payable to DURHAM PTS

Durham Unified Parent Teacher Student Organization
P.O. Box 300
Durham, CA 95938

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