Welcome to 2021-2022 DIS Back to School Night

6th Grade Teachers

Mrs. Rigsbee BitmojiMiss Selzer Bitmoji

Mrs. Lincoln

6th Grade 

Room 3

Mrs. Rigsbee

6th Grade 

Room 1

Miss Selzer

6th Grade

Room 2

7th & 8th Grade Teachers

Ms. Bunch Bitmoji
Ms. Coyne Bitmoji

Ms. Bunch

7th Grade Science

7 & 8th Grade Math

Room 8

Ms. Coyne

6th-8th Modified English and Math

Room DHS 25

Ms. Devish

7th Grade English

8th Grade English

Room 6

 Flores Bitmoji

Mrs. Farrage- Johnson

6th-8th Grade ELD

Room DHS P61

Mr. Flores

6th-8th Grade PE

Room 12

Ms. Harry

7th Grade Social Studies

8th Grade Social Studies

Room 10

Mr. Ramsden Bitmoji

Van Arsdale Bitmoji

Mr. Ramsden

7th-8th Grade Social Studies

Room 5

Mr. Richards

7th Grade Science

8th Grade Science

Room 7

 Mr. Van Arsdale

7th-8th Grade Math

Room 9

Mrs. Wiley Bitmoji

Mrs. Wiley

6th-8th Grade PE

8th Grade Science

Room 4

Support Staff

Ms. Amy BitmojiMontgomery Bitmoji

Ms. Amy 

DIS Counselor 

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Back to School Slide Show

Mrs. Montgomery

DIS Librarian

Hi from Mrs. Montgomery