Students at Durham Intermediate School study integrated language arts courses in which they: 

  • read and respond to literature — both fiction and nonfiction
  • experience all stages of the writing process (brainstorming, rough draft, revising, editing, final draft)
  • prepare and make oral presentations
  • learn and practice research skills
  • develop basic grammar/writing/spelling skills
  • work on developing vocabulary

State Standards

All classes meet the California English-Language Content Standards for California Public Schools. Click a link to view academic content standards for English Language, adopted by the California State Board of Education:


Grade 6: Deena CreteCasey SelzerKarla Rigsbee
Grade 7: Jennifer Herron-BranskyJesse De MercurioGrade 8: Jennifer Herron-BranskyJesse De Mercurio

PEG – Project Eighth Grade

8th grade students participate in a writing project during the 2nd & 3rd quarters at Durham Intermediate School.  The project is a topic driven, inquiry-based project that gives students an opportunity to explore and report on topics that matter to them.  Each 8th grade student will be assigned a coach depending on his/her topic choice.  The coach will monitor progress for students, check off deadlines, and give other guidance as needed.

Quality is expected in all areas of the 8th Grade Project.  It will be mandatory to complete the following:  title page, table of contents, dedication page, a paragraph about the author, project statement, research report, illustrations, at least one personal interview, references, works cited, oral presentation, and an appendix.  Meeting due dates is an important part of the project.  Students will receive a separate grade on their 3rd quarter report card for the 8th Grade Project.