Physical, Life & Earth Sciences

All intermediate school science classes include hands-on investigation and experimentation. Our science classes focus on:

Sixth grade:

  • earth sciences, including:
    • earth’s structure
    • heat
    • energy

Seventh grade:

  • life sciences, including:
    • cell biology
    • genetics
    • evolution
    • structure and function in living systems
    • physical principles in living systems

Eighth grade:

  • physical sciences, including:
    • motion
    • forces
    • structure of matter
    • the solar system
    • chemistry of living systems
    • the periodic table
    • density
    • buoyancy

State Standards

All classes meet the California Science Content Standards for California Public Schools. Click the link below to view academic content standards for Science, adopted by the California State Board of Education:


Grade 6: Deena CreteCasey SelzerKarla Rigsbee
Grade 7: Savanna Bunch
Grade 8: Cheri Wiley