DIS students learn the importance of history in their lives – how it has shaped the world we live in today and how it will impact their future. 

Sixth grade:

  • Paleolithic era to agricultural revolution
  • early civilizations
  • Greece, India, China & Rome

Seventh grade:

  • the decline of the Roman Empire
  • the Middle Ages
  • Meso-American and Andean civilizations
  • the Renaissance
  • the Reformation
  • the Scientific Revolution
  • political & economic change in 16th-18th centuries

Eighth grade:

  • discovery and settlement
  • founding of the colonies
  • war for independence
  • birth of our nation
  • westward movement
  • Native Americans
  • Civil War
  • Reconstruction
  • the Industrial Revolution

State Standards

All classes meet the California Content Standards for California Public Schools. Click the link below to view academic content standards for History-Social Studies, adopted by the California State Board of Education:


Grade 6: Deena CreteCasey SelzerKarla Rigsbee
Grade 7: Kevin RamsdenJennifer Herron-BranskyGrade 8: Kevin Ramsden