The Durham Intermediate School’s California Junior Scholarship Federation Chapter sponsored a Penny Wars fundraiser pitting classrooms against one  another in an effort to raise money for the Beads of Courage. The Beads of Courage is a non-profit organization that serves pediatric cancer patients. Those patients are awarded a bead of a specific color dependent on the medical procedure or benchmark that they have completed. At DIS there was a competition based on the number of pennies each homeroom was able to collect, each penny was equal to one point. Other classrooms could come and donate cash or coins other than pennies to take points away from their homeroom opponents. The homeroom with the most points at the end of the competition was deemed the winner while the losing homeroom teacher would have to participate in some public display of defeat! During this fundraiser DIS was able to raise $2,100 and also witness the losing homeroom teacher’s consequence. In this instance Mr. VanArsdale was tasked with kissing a Yak !! SO without any further hesitation here is the proof that Mr. VanArsdale has fulfilled the terms of this competition!! Thank you students, staff & faculty for raising money, awareness, public service and being all around good sports during the Penny Wars.