Picture of the 7th grade DIS championship team,

Both our 7th & 8th Grade Boys Basketball teams did well at the Rene Brandol Basketball Tournament. As Athletic Director Mike Richards and I were trying to figure out how many years this tournament has been going on, Mr. Brandol made it easy when he found and wore a shirt from a previous tournament. Calculating from the shirt, we just completed the 55th Rene Brandol Basketball Tournament! Thank you Mr. Brandol for showing up to the championship games and continuing to be a part of our Durham Community. Our 7th Grade Boys finished in 1st place with the MVP honors going to Lane Young. Our 8th Grade Boys finished in 3rd place with an All Tourney Award going to Jack Rappa. Thank you to Mike Richards and Jacqueline Lincoln for organizing the tournament and concession stand and thank you to our many volunteers that manned the table and concession stand. We appreciate your support.

`Lora Fox, DIS Principal